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Microcubes (Cores for SMD and High power Inductors)

本新系列高磁通密度磁芯產品完全適用於傳統電路板與 SMD 的應用。

本產品提供傳統的 -52 材以及 -65 合金材質,一般而言,-52 材用於成本考量並以圓線繞製的傳統電路板設計,而 -65 材用於空間考量並以扁平線繞製的 SMD 設計應用。


Micrometals new series of cores for high density inductors are well-suited for either through-hole or surface mount applications. The geometries shown in this catalog are offered in traditional iron powder -52 Material or magnetic alloy powder -65 Material. Generally, cost sensitive applications will utilize -52 Material with round wire and through-hole mounting. Space sensitive applications will use -65 Material with helical wound flat wire with bent leads for surface mounting. In addition to the two materials listed in this catalog, Micrometals can provide any standard material listed in our Power Conversion Catalog or limited materials listed in our 200C Series of high temperature materials.

For more information please download from the catalogue block.