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  Home product AMOGREENTECH Powder Core 阿莫綠色科技 粉末合金鐵心
APM 磁粉芯(APM-series Core)

材質: 納米晶 合金

導磁率:26, 60, 90, 125u

具有低磁芯損耗 且溫度變化時可保持穩定 此外因零磁致伸縮表現出無異音表現

• Material : Nanocrystalline alloy

• Permeability : 26, 60, 90, 125u

The core of APM-series is consist of Nano-crystalline alloy powder . Among the various type of the cores which produced by certain metal powder, APM-series have the lowest core loss in the properties. Thus, technically we suppose this factor increases the efficiency of the power supply. Also, APM-series do not generate audible noise, zero magnetostriction nearly and the core of APM-series has good temperature stability in the operation.

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